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Cian Joseph Duffy

Cian Joseph Duffy

Ekstern lektor

Cian Duffy's research concerns various aspects of the intellectual life and cultural history of Europe during the eighteenth century and Romantic period.  Select publications include The landscapes of the sublime, 1700-1830: 'classic ground' (Palgrave, 2013); Romantic adaptations: essays in mediation and remediation (ed. with Peter Howell and Caroline Ruddell; Asghate, 2013); Cultures of the Sublime: selected readings, 1700-1830 (ed. with Peter Howell; Palgrave 2011); The Poems of Shelley, volume 3 (ed. with Jack Donovan, Kelvin Everest, and Michael Rossington; Longman 2011); Shelley and the Revolutionary Sublime (Cambridge University Press, 2005; paperback 2009), and a range of articles on Percy Shelley and his circle, and on other aspects of British Romanticism.  He is currently working on a monograph exploring the relationship between British and Nordic romanticisms, and on an essay concerning the Romantic intertexts of Fridtjof Nansen's Farthest North.

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