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Scientific staff

Albrechtsen, DorteAssociate professor +45 353-28610E-mail
Andersen, Katrine HeleneAssistant professor +45 353-28415E-mail
Behnke, LarsResearch assistant +45 353-31387E-mail
Benne, ChristianProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-30085E-mail
Bone, Martyn RichardAssociate professor +45 353-28596E-mail
Borum, PeterPart-time lecturer +45 353-30087E-mail
Colliander, PeterResearch assistant +45 353-30037E-mail
Damgaard, Mads BjelkePhD fellow +45 353-31126E-mail
Damkjær, MariaPostdoc +45 353-30076E-mail
Daryai-Hansen, PetraAssociate professor +45 353-34482E-mail
de Oliveira, Sandi MicheleAssociate professor +45 353-28430E-mail
Duncan, RussellProfessor +45 353-28577E-mail
Farø, Ken JoensenAssociate professor +45 22 84 61 21E-mail
Goddard, JosephAssociate professor +45 353-28580E-mail
Gottlieb, HenrikAssociate professor +45 353-28621E-mail
Gustafsson, JanAssociate professor +45 353-28449E-mail
Hansen, Anita BeritAssociate professor +45 353-28450E-mail
Hansen, Troels HughesPhD fellow +45 353-30079E-mail
Harder, PeterProfessor +45 353-28609E-mail
Heiberg, Morten RieversProfessor +45 353-28618E-mail
Heier, AnkeAssistant professor +45 353-30020E-mail
Henriksen, BirgitProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-28607E-mail
Hernández-Flores, NievesAssociate professor +45 353-28441E-mail
Hoffmann, BirtheAssociate professor +45 353-28176E-mail
Hvelplund, Kristian TangsgaardAssociate professor +45 353-28177E-mail
Jakobsen, Anne SofiePhD Fellow +45 353-30063E-mail
Jalal, Rawand SamalPhD fellow +45 353-31307E-mail
Jansen, HanneAssociate professor +45 353-28439E-mail
Jensen, ChristianAssociate professor +45 353-30019E-mail
Jensen, Julio Hans C.Associate professor +45 353-28455E-mail
Jensen, Kim EbensgaardAssociate professor +45 353-33802E-mail
Jeppesen, Anne Marie EjdesgaardAssociate professor +45 60 15 04 75E-mail
Knudsen, Eva RaskAssociate professor +45 353-28584E-mail
Koegeler-Abdi, MartinaPhD fellow +45 353-30088E-mail
Kragh, Kirsten A. JeppesenHead of studies +45 353-28591E-mail
Lausten, Pia SchwarzAssociate professor +45 353-28461E-mail
Leese, PeterAssociate professor +45 353-28414E-mail
Lindschouw, Jan JuhlAssociate professor +45 353-28432E-mail
Lock, CharlesProfessor +45 353-28622E-mail
Lupton, Tina JaneAssociate professor +45 353-30072E-mail
Martins Mota Vera, Ana RitaResearch assistant +45 353-28285E-mail
Meiner, CarstenProfessor +45 353-28633E-mail
Møller, Henrik RyePart-time lecturer +45 353-30064E-mail
Natarajan, KalathmikaPhD fellow +45 353-37067E-mail
Nielsen, Jesper PræstPhD fellow +45 353-32317E-mail
Ning, MingPhD fellow +45 353-33909E-mail
Nogueroles Lopez, Marta FranciscaAssistant professor +45 353-33444E-mail
Ortner, JessicaPostdoc +45 353-28438E-mail
Pedersen, JohanAssociate professor +45 353-28428E-mail
Pors, SiffTeaching lecturer +45 353-28626E-mail
Rahbek, UllaAssociate professor +45 353-29280E-mail
Rix, Robert WilliamAssociate professor +45 353-28170E-mail
Sandberg, Anna LenaAssociate professor +45 353-28156E-mail
Schultz, Nils VoisinPhD fellow +45 353-28600E-mail
Siegfried, DetlefProfessor +45 353-28433E-mail
Siegumfeldt, Inge BirgitteAssociate professor +45 40 23 85 88E-mail
Staun, JørgenAssociate professor +45 353-28588E-mail
Strudsholm, ErlingAssociate professor +45 353-28437E-mail
Verstraete-Hansen, LisbethAssociate professor +45 353-30089E-mail
Vogelius, Christa HolmAssistant professor +45 353-28407E-mail
Ward, Stuart JamesProfessor +45 353-28164E-mail
Wink, Georg WalterAssociate professor +45 353-29115E-mail
Østermark-Johansen, LeneAssociate professor +45 353-28583E-mail