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Comparative Studies in Migration and Memory

Coordinator: Anne Marie Ejdesgaard JeppesenPeter Leese


At ENGEROM migration is conceptualized within a cross-disciplinary, multilingual perspective and investigated within a broad anthropological/ethnographic framework. Movement, mobility and migration are central themes for a group of researchers investigating language and literature, culture and history. Within this field common interests include: migration-related writing, language, discourse; migrants' oral history, memory and the reconstruction of meaning; the cultivation of interdisciplinary and theoretical approaches to migration which incorporate social, historical, literary and discursive perspectives. The projects and personnel of this group are naturally affiliated with AMIS, the new center on migration research at the humanities faculty. In 2014-15 several members of the group will be working together on the theme of 'migration and the uses of memory'.

The overall research aims

One of the main concepts in the comparative study of memory and migration is the re-construction of meaning in the new context – be it as a result of voluntary or forced migration – where memory, silence and forgetfulness play crucial roles, which the comparative framework enables us to illuminate in novel ways.

The overall research objectives of the platform are: regular international publications on the basis of the PhD seminars.

Participants in the group include: Anne Marie Ejdesgaard Jeppesen, Peter Leese, Georg Wink, Jan Gustafsson, Jessica Ortner, Anna Lena Sandberg, Sandi Michele De Oliveira, Nieves Hernandez-Flores, Ulla Rahbek, Russell Duncan, Joe Goddard.

External partner Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS)