Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation: Collaborative Relationships between Authors, Translators, and Performers

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Translation Studies now recognizes that translators are not the only agents involved
in translation. Authors and editors provide suggestions and instructions. Publishers
have considerable power over the final text and how it is presented to the public.
While it is well-known that translations are often censored in totalitarian regimes,
less attention has been paid to the way commercial interests can interfere with
the work of translation in ‘free’ societies. Using the concept of ‘voice’ to explore
contexts where multiple agents interact, this volume makes a major contribution
to our understanding of the processes through which authors, publishers, editors,
directors, and critics can affect translation. Empirical studies from historical and
contemporary settings examine forms of collaboration and negotiation, or conflict,
with special attention to the multiple voices in theatre translation.
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StatusUdgivet - 2013
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