Language awareness in the context of plurilingual education: An operationalization across educational levels

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Despite the extensive use of the concept language awareness since 1984 and several operationalizations within the field, systematic empirical research comparing learners’ development of language awareness through plurilingual education across educational levels, is, to the best of our knowledge, still lacking.
The Independent Research Fund Denmark recently financed a three-year project that seeks to fill this gap and to contribute to the further theorization of the field of knowledge. Based on curriculum analysis (macro level) and focused linguistic ethnography (nano level), the project investigates how learners develop language awareness in the context of plurilingual education in primary and lower secondary language education and in a course in general language awareness (“Almen Sprogforståelse”) in upper secondary education. Furthermore, the project aims to develop plurilingual education in the Danish context, focusing on the learners’ linguistic background as a resource (see e.g. Auger, 2014), hereby contributing to the reduction of inequalities in increasingly linguistic heterogeneous societies and school contexts.
The paper will present a model that has been developed in the project’s first phase operationalizing language awareness across educational levels. Based on this model, the paper will discuss how existing research (e.g. Bialystok, Peets & Moreno, 2014; Edwards & Kirkpatrick, 1999; Gombert, 1992; Muñoz, 2017) presents the impact that age has on language awareness, how language awareness is conceptualized in these studies, and whether these studies take pluralistic approaches to languages and learners’ linguistic resources into account.
Publikationsdatojul. 2021
StatusUdgivet - jul. 2021
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Varighed: 6 jul. 20219 jul. 2021


KonferenceEDiLiC 2021

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