Ana Vera

Ana Vera

Teaching associate professor

Member of:


    Post-Graduate level:

    • Analysis and Communication of Current Events in the Portuguese-Speaking World (2017-2022)
    • Cinema and identity (Spring 2017)
    • Supervisor of one M.A. dissertation (2019/2020): “Desire in the films of Manoel de Oliveira and João César Monteiro”.

    Undergraduate level:

    • Introduction to Lusophone Language and Culture 
    • Introduction to the Portuguese-Speaking World 
    • Introduction to Area-Studies
    • Debates and Voices in Portuguese Society 
    • Film, Media and Arts in Portuguese in a Globalized World
    • Discourse and Identity 
    • Portuguese Language in Time and Space
    • Problem-Based Team Project
    • Voices in Luso-Brazilian Literature and Culture 
    • Professional Communication in Portuguese 
    • Area Studies Seminar on Language, Discourse, and Society 


    • “Transnational Perspectives in European film from 1945 to the present”
    • Culture 2: Cinema and Nation
    • Culture 3: Migrant and diasporic cinema in contemporary Europe


    • University of Vienna: Erasmus staff exchange program, 2 three-hour lectures on “Portuguese Cinema and Society” for the students in Portuguese culture and language, December 2018.
    • University of Graz: two-hour lecture about the “Narratives of crisis in Portuguese Cinema”, December 2018 (invited).


    • International Coordinator for Portuguese and Brazilian Studies (2017- present).

    ID: 173271504