EnGeRom Student Conference

EnGeRom’s Student Conference is YOUR chance to present a piece of work you are proud of or a subject you are excited about to students across the faculty.

Call for papers - deadline 19 April 2017. Read more at the conference website (in Danish only).


10:15 – Introduction

10:20 – Illuminati confirmed: On the Editing and Reading of Esoteric Texts
              Christian Benne

10:50 – Race in literature: A Postcolonial Study of Continuing Racialisation
              Mariya Alfa Staugaard

11:15 – Anarki og Eksistentialisme i Miguel de Unamunos Niebla (In Danish)
              Dagmar Madsen

11:40 – Lunch

12:10 – Byen i et samfundsfagligt, i et sprogligt og i et litterært perspektiv
              Poster Session with Spanish students from ENGEROM

12:40 – Continuity and Discontinuity: Re-thinking Hybridity in The Satanic Verses
              Sarah Barding

13:05 – Break

13:20– It’s What They Do on Star Trek: Fan Fiction Etiquette and Community Care
              Nevena Loveza

13:45 – Searching for Authenticity: Translation of Identity in the Teju Cole’s Open City
              Veronika Planková

14:10 – End of the Conference

We hope to see you and your friends.