Reading Louis-Ferdinand Céline Today with Greg Hainge

Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Open lecture by Assoc. Prof. Dr Greg Hainge, Universiy of Qeensland, Australia. The lecture is part of the PhD Master Class and workshop, Reading Louis-Ferdinand Céline Today.

The French writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline (1894-1961) is one of the most read and highly regarded authors in 20th century French literature. But he is also one of the most controversial because of his ardent anti-Semitism. After the publication of four violent pamphlets in the interwar period, Céline was forced to flee from the advancing Allied armies in the summer of 1944. He spent six years in Denmark before he could return to France.

Though his oeuvre continues to be widely read and discussed in his home country, the work on Céline in a Danish academic context remains scarce, and even though excellent scholars continue to read and teach Céline, the area of interest is more often than not narrowed down to his first two novels from the 1930’s.

Associate Professor Dr Greg Hainge from the University of Queensland, Australia, will participate as lecturer and discussant. Greg Hainge has published extensively on Céline and serves as a member of the Société des etudes céliniennes in Paris (The Society for Célinian Studies).

The lecture is open for all. Any questions should be directed at the organiser Troels Hughes Hansen (