Nils Schultz Ravneberg

Nils Schultz Ravneberg

Part-time lecturer

Current research: From crisis in time to crisis in space

- An affective look at three decades of cultural criticism in French crisis discourse

Based on the hypothesis that a concept of crisis that functions as an all-encompassing metaphor by pointing out to an important part of the cultural domain is gaining ground in contemporary France, this project examines intellectual and decay oriented crisis discourse through an analysis of selected texts written by French intellectuals since the 1980s. The goal of this analytical work is on the one hand to show that the remarkable absence of explicit future-oriented reflection amongst these intellectuals turns the crisis into a permanent and atemporal discursive phenomenon. On the other hand the work is intended to elucidate the affectivity of the French crisis discourse by focusing on the four emotional categories of fear, hatred, anger and shame. The analytical apparatus as well as the methodology of the project is based on the theories of Norman Fairclough, George Lakoff, Slavoj Zizek and Brian Massumi. Moreover, the analytical work has a multi-disciplinary aim insofar as it goes into texts originating from philosophy, sociology, economy and fiction. Examples of these are Alain Finkielkrauts’s La défaite de la pensée and L'identité malheureuse, William Marx’s L'adieu à la littérature, Richard Millet's Désenchantement de la littérature, Viviane Forrester's L'Horreur économique, Nicolas Baverez’s La France qui tombe and Yannick Haenel’s Les renards pâles. 

ID: 38513726