Katrine Wonge Lohmann

Katrine Wonge Lohmann

PhD fellow

Katrine Wonge Lohmann is a PhD fellow at University of Copenhagen. My PhD project is entitled ‘Gothic Fiction as Bestselling Nationalist Literature, 1789-1830’ and revolves around how Gothic literature changes in connection with the change of setting from Southern Europe to Great Britain, and in this connection, how this change influences British national identity. My primary focus is the novels published by The Minerva Press in the years 1789-1830. I have previously published on the Gothic devil’s development from early- to late Romanticism.

I teach, and have previously taught, the BA-course Introduction to English Literature 1 and 2. My primary teaching interests are in the British- and to some extent American literature, the Middle Ages – and the retelling of this in modern and contemporary literature, Romanticism and particularly Gothic literature.



Primary fields of research

18th- and 19th century British Literature
Gothic literature
Literature as foundation for national identity
British Romanticism
Religious tropes and symbols in literature
The Minerva Press

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