Johan Pedersen

Johan Pedersen

Associate Professor

Associate professor of Spanish Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen.

Chairman of the Kirsten Schottlænder’s Foundation board. The foundation awards grants for studies and research projects within Spanish, Catalan, or Portuguese language and culture.

Editor of the international peer reviewed journal Revue Romane, John Benjamins, Amsterdam, Spanish linguistics (level 2 journal).

Current research

  • Constructions of common events in a contrastive/typological perspective – follow-up on project in collaboration with Marie Curie postdoc. Wojciech Levandowski.
  • Publication:
    Pedersen, J. 2019. Verb-based vs. schema-based constructions and their variability: On the Spanish transitive directed motion construction in a contrastive perspective. Linguistics 57(3), 473-530 (58 pp.).
  • Invited speaker at the seminar: Dinamarca - mundo hispánico: nexos culturalhistó­ricos / Danmark og den spansktalende verden: Kulturhistoriske forbindelser, Syddansk Universitet, Odense, 6. oktober 2020.

    Title of talk: Når sproget er i systematisk konflikt med oversætterens idealer om ækvivalens.

Primary fields of research

  • Cognitive and functional linguistics

  • Usage-based, constructionist approaches to grammar

  • Corpus linguistics

  • Contrastive linguistics - language typology

  • Organizational principles of clause structure

  • Expressions of motion events

  • The Spanish reflexive/impersonal constructions

  • The relation between research, teaching and learning



Courses - BA-level

  • Corpus linguistics, elementary course. The use of linguistic corpora. First year.

  • Spanish phonetics and phonology. First year.

  • Grammar and cognition. Second year.

  • Theory and history of the sciences. Second year.

  • Contrastive linguistics and translation. Second year.

Courses - Masters (KA) level

  • Usos y variedades del español actual.

  • Translation and contrastive culture studies.

  • Advanced corpus linguistics.


  • Spanish grammar and linguistics

  • Contrastive linguistics

  • Translation

  • Corpus linguistics

Office hours: Monday 12.30-13.30

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