Language in higher education

Coordinator: Associate professor, Jan Lindschouw

The internationalisation of universities and higher education programmes has led to an increased focus on the meanings and functions attributed to language in academic studies and other types of academic work in and outside universities.The question of what characterises academic language and how this aspect of students’ linguistic repertoire can be developed has therefore become increasingly relevant. Exploring this issue requires more analyses of language use and language acquisition at the university, as well as a focus on the quality and effect of the educational methods used throughout the educational system. Internationalisation makes it relevant to examine the content of foreign language courses and in particular to take a fresh look at the connections between students’ backgrounds, their needs and future plans. In addition, increasing internationalisation makes it necessary to experiment with new forms of university education, for example by linking languages and subject areas.

A central aim of the platform is to integrate research on language (learning) and language teaching so that research informs teaching and teaching informs research at all levels of the Danish educational system (primary, secondary and tertiary education). This will lead to more student involvement in language research projects and more widespread use of research methodologies in teaching.




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