Norm, Variation, Language Change

Coordinator: Associate professor Anita Berit Hansen

This platform studies patterns of linguistic variation, change and interactional behaviour in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The question of the processes of change and the nature of the observed variation is linked to the question of linguistic norms. How do new norms emerge, and what can this process tell us about language as an instrument of human communication?

The platform’s research is based on empirical studies, shedding light on various features undergoing variation and change. Some researchers focus on current trends, while others take a longer perspective. This enables us to contribute internationally to theoretical explorations in current linguistic debates on norm, variation and change (within construction grammar, grammaticalisation theory, sociolinguistics, pragmatics and perception theory).

An increasing amount of linguistic data is drawn from large electronic corpora, and some projects are directly concerned with the question of how such corpora can be exploited in the study of (changes in) language use. Another focal point is how some types of changes seem to promote an informalisation or democratisation of language use, and this involves the relation between situational and social variation and language change. Other projects examine the role of contextual embeddedness for the meaning of linguistic forms and how societal and technological changes over time can change the conditions of communication and thus language use.

Contrastive and typological issues are of great interest to several members. Interlanguage variation (between Danish and the foreign languages or mutually between these) is examined in order to understand the potential in






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