Pia Schwarz Lausten

Pia Schwarz Lausten

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

Primary fields of research

My two core research fields are:

Contemporary Italian Narrative

  • mainly focusing on migration literature and postcolonialism for the time being but also Elena Ferrante

14th-16th Century Italian Literature

  • focusing on the representations of Islam, Arabs and especially Turks in Italian Literature (historiographical, narrative, epic literature) and on the influence of Arabic narrative tradition on Early Modern Italian literature (Dante, Boccaccio)


Current research

Currently, I am working on a book project with the working title: Image of Islam and Turks in Early Modern Italian Literature (15th-16th c.) containing analyses of works within romance epic, novelle, historiographical works, ottava rima, sonnets and tragedies.


I participate in research groups within both of two abovementioned fields:

I am a member of the collective research project Islam in European Literature (funded by Danish Research Council, PI Peter Madsen, IKK) since 2007.

I am participating with papers and publications in the ENGEROM research group on Literary Topology (PI Carsten Meiner) since 2016.

I am applying for funding to realize a research project on Migrant Children in Contemporary Italian Media and Narrative (2018).

Research related activities

Conference papers at international conferences on Contemporary Italian Literature and on Renaissance Literature; invited speaker at Ohio State University (on Tabucchi); ; main organizer of numerous national and international seminars on Italian Literature; numerous invited talks to Italian Gymnasium Teachers and ‘Folkeuniversitet’ in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg about issues within Contemporary Italian Literature; invited talks on Elena Ferrante e.g. at Informations Forlag and ‘Folkeuniversitetet’; Danish correspondent for Bibliografia generale di lingua e letteratura italiana (BIGLLI), Salerno Editrice, Roma, regarding literature.



At BA-level I teach courses on Italian Literature from all periods 14th-21th c. as well as more thematic courses on e.g. Primo Levi, Elena Ferrante, Amara Lakhous, Leonardo Sciascia applying different theoretical approaches and concepts. I also coordinate and teach specific courses on the Italian Renaissance and on European Renaissance in relation to the Islamic world.


At MA-level I teach courses on authors and themes such as Islam in Dante and Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron, Antonio Tabucchi’s works, Sicilian Literature, Contemporary Italian Crime Fiction (e.g. Lucarelli, Carlotto, Carofiglio, Verasani), Migration Literature and Postcolonialism (e.g. Pap Khouma, Amara Lakhous, Igiaba Scego, Laila Wadia), Elena Ferrante’s L’amica geniale.



I supervise BA theses, MA dissertations and PhD dissertations within all aspects of Italian literature including literary theories, and broader issues within Italian culture and society.

Office hours: Monday 14:30-15:30

ID: 9163