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The Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies provides a stimulating and productive research environment. Members of the department are engaged in research within a wide range of topics and publish their findings in books and articles, registered in an online publication database.

In addition, members of the department edit a number of periodicals and monograph series, thus making available the very latest research within literary, linguistic, social and cultural studies.

The periodicals and monograph series range from international, peer-review periodicals, presenting national and international cutting-edge research, to in-house publications, in which department members, including PhD and MA students, may publish work in progress.


English Studies:

ANGLES on the English-Speaking World - click here

Editors: Dorte Albrechtsen, Russell Duncan, Lene Østermark-Johansen
Book Review Editor: Charles Lock
ANGLES is sold through its publishers MUSEUM TUSCULANUM PRESS

ANGLES on the English-Speaking World is published once a year by the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Issues are thematic and contain a balance of articles from local and international contributors. ANGLES is intended as a lively forum for a broad range of literary, linguistic, cultural and historical studies from various theoretical standpoints.

POET - Publications on English Themes - click here

Editor: Viggo Hjørnager Pedersen
Back issues still in print can be obtained from the 'Kompendieudsalg' in Room 13.1.43

POET - Publications On English Themes - has the aim of publishing articles and monographs in Danish and English on themes relating to English studies, and written by staff or students of the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies at the University of Copenhagen. POET may also occasionally feature contributions by authors outside the department.


Germanic Studies:

TEXT & KONTEXT- Zeitschrift für germanistische Literaturforschung in Skandinavien - click here 

Editors: Klaus Bohnen, Christian Benne and Birthe Hoffmann
TEXT & KONTEXT is obtained by contacting 

The periodical is published twice a year and primarily features contributions from within the fields of literary studies and to a lesser extent cultural studies. From 2006, Text & Kontext is an annual publication, a Jahrbuch. The articles in Text & Kontext have all been submitted to peer review.

Contributors are scholars in Germanic and literary studies from Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries as well as from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Indeed the main purpose of the periodical is to present Germanic studies from a Scandinavian point of view, while at the same time serving as a forum for interchange between German and Scandinavian scholars within the field of Germanic studies. 

One of the aims of the periodical is to enable young Danish scholars to publish in German; all generations, however, are represented among the contributors. 
In addition to regular isssues, TEXT & KONTEXT also publishes monographs and thematic issues in the so-called 'Sonderreihe'.


Tijdschrift voor Neerlandistiek in Scandinavië en ommelanden - click here

Editors: Ingeborg Sanner, Jette Skovbjerg og Benoît Verstraete-Hansen

The periodical publishes Scandinavian articles within the field of Dutch Studies. It is aimed at students and teachers of Dutch Studies, translators and interpretors as well as everybody interested in the Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking countries. Click here to see the periodical

(De doelstelling van het Tijdschrift voor Neerlandistiek in Scandinavië en ommelanden is het verspreiden van informatie over de neerlandistiek in Scandinavië en de omliggende landen. De doelgroep is ruim: studenten en leraren Nederlands, vertalers en tolken en iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in het Nederlands en de Nederlandstalige regio’s.  Wilt u het tijdschrift lezen? Klik dan hier:


Romance Studies:

Etudes Romanes - click here

Editors: Hanne Jansen & Anita Berit Hansen
Etudes Romanes is sold through Museum Tusculanum Press

The series has been published since 1967 and includes monographs, handbooks and conference papers. The authors are all from the Nordic countries, and their contributions cover a wide range of areas within Romance Studies, such as linguistics, grammar, literature and social studies.

Click here for a complete list of back issues from 1967-1999. Though many old back issues are out of print, the complete series is still available at the department library reading room. 

Revue Romane - click here

Editors-in-chief: Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen (Linquistics) and Jørn Boisen (Literature)
The periodical is now sold through John Benjamins

Revue Romane is an international peer review publication, presenting high quality research on the Romance languages and the literature of the Romance-speaking cultures. The published articles will typically have a theoretical and/or methodological focus. In addition, Revue Romane contains an ample review section, in which important new research within Romance Studies are presented. The biannual publication has been published since 1966 in paper form (now open access) and, since 2004-2006 online, Wiley, and from 2008-, Ingenta (restricted access). The entire periodical is indexed in

RIDS - click here for a list of the complete series - some of the titles are in Danish

RIDS is an in-house publication with roots in the former Department of Romance Studies. The monograph series presents work written by members of staff on topics within literature, linguistics as well as social and cultural studies, all within the field of Romance Studies. The language of the various monographs is either Danish or one of the Romance languages. The latest issue is from 2006. The complete series is available at the department library reading room.

Romanske Skrifter - click here

Editors: John Kuhlmann Madsen, Gert Sørensen and John Pedersen
Romanske Skrifter is sold through its publishers: Museum Tusculanum Press.

The monograph series has been published since 1995, and presents the latest research within Romance Studies on literary, linguistic, cultural and political topics. In addition the series presents new Danish translations of important literary and philosophical works from the medieval period until the 20th century.


Publications from the Centre for Translation Studies - click here

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