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The populist turn – A comparative study of three decades of populism in Italy

Simon Cecchin Birk, PhD fellow

Since the early nineties Italian politics has been shaped and at times even dominated by politicians who despite internal differences have all been described - but not systematically compared - as populist. Populism, however, is neither a new nor an exclusively Italian phenomenon. The project brings theoretical insights from the extensive global research on populism with the aim of shedding new light on the expression, extent and effects of the populist turn in Italian politics.

Pop Music in the European Anti-Apartheid Struggle

Detlef Siegfried, associate professor, dr.phil.

After completing the German-Danish collaborative research project "Perceptions of Apartheid in Western European Societies, 1948-1990“ with its six components (2014-2018), Detlef will continue to work on the aspect "Pop Music in the European Anti-Apartheid Struggle". 

Foreign Fighters: Past, Present and Future

Morten Heiberg, professor and Enrico Acclai, associate professor











































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