Global Europe

Global Europe is a platform dedicated to explore the interchanges between Europe and the rest of the world. It broadly examines the ways in which Europe has been, and continues to be, shaped by the outer world. At the same time, it also investigates how Europe have influenced, and will continue to influence, global affairs in the future.

Global History has long suggested that entities such as groups, nations or regions, can only be fully understood in a broader, global context. With its history of global interdependence and connectivity, exemplified by its former colonial empires and international trade, Europe’s past cannot be grasped through the once conventional prism of the nation-state alone. Europe’s ability to act globally and handle its global connections have since 1945 gradually been dominated by the EU with the increasing integration of the European states. But recent events such as Brexit, the Catalonian crisis and the rise of populism in Italy have questioned not only the internal stability of Europe but also the EU’s capability to handle global affairs. These events are often seen as anti-global, nationalist protests. But paradoxically they are themselves phenomena of globalization as they attempt to reconstitute the nation’s place in the world. As such the future of Europe and its place in global affairs are at a historical turning point.

Global Europe is a forum that gather scholars with different perspectives and interests in a fora dedicated to the study of Europe in a global context. The fora will host various events through the years including guest lectures and seminars. One of the ambitions of the fora is to engage students in an active research environment. Global Europe will host informal seminars where students will have the opportunity to actively participate and give a presentation on their current research/dissertation. All are welcome, but it is especially aimed at MA level students writing the final dissertation.

















































Name Title Phone E-mail
Birk, Simon Cecchin PhD fellow +45 353-25332 E-mail
Djurhuus, Tóra PhD fellow +45 353-35372 E-mail
Heiberg, Morten Rievers Professor +45 353-28618 E-mail
Siegfried, Detlef Professor +45 353-28433 E-mail


Postdoc Mads Bomholt Nielsen
Phone:+45 35 33 64 19

Mobility and History

25-10-2019 10:00

Seminar & Inaugural Lecture: John Darwin (Nuffield College, University of Oxford).

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Transnational Resistance

12-12-2019 15:00

Guest lecture by Robert Gildea (Worcester College, Oxford).

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