Translation and Cultural Transfer

In today’s globalized world, intercultural communication – oral as well as written – is, more than ever, based on translation. Linked to this surge of translations is the need for research in a range of related aspects: How are translations created? Why are some texts translated, while others are not? How are translations disseminated and received? Which languages play a dominant role, and why? What are the ramifications and implications of the wealth of translations worldwide?

The members of this Forum represent a number of approaches to the meeting of languages, texts and cultures embodied by translation. Together we cover not only a wide range of languages; we also use several methodologies in our studies of various types of translation (with our main focus on literary and audiovisual translation), and in our research we investigate purely linguistic as well as cognitive, sociological, media-related, and language-political issues.

We aim at sharpening the focus on translation in the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies (Engerom), strengthening the research in translation overall at the University of Copenhagen, and raising the awareness of the importance of translation, nationally and internationally.

We want to stimulate the symbiosis between research, teaching, and the popular dissemination of knowledge of translation, looking at all kinds of texts and media. We represent a cross-disciplinary take on Translation Studies, and our seminars and workshops are open to scholars, practitioners and students alike. 




  • Quality and expertise in translation
  • The typology and semiotics of translation
  • Audiovisual translation
  • Translation as cultural transfer
  • International translational flows
  • Actors in translational processes
  • Translation as a cognitive phenomenon
  • Language politics and translation
  • The impact of translations in minor speech communities like Denmark
  • Foreign-language usage in domestic cultures.




















































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Hvelplund, Kristian Tangsgaard Associate Professor +4535328177 E-mail
Jansen, Hanne Associate Professor +4535328439 E-mail
Sandberg, Anna Lena Associate Professor +4535328156 E-mail


Associate professor Hanne Jansen
Phone:+45 35 32 84 39