Thinking the European Republic of Letters

This group is aiming to broaden the scope of European studies and European cultural history by concentrating on European thought in the context of (comparative) literary and philosophical discourses.

The group’s purpose is to provide both an open forum for intellectual exchange and to pioneer new approaches to intellectual history for a core group of scholars from various disciplines, in particular from philosophy, modern language and literature studies, comparative literature and bibliography/genetic criticism. The group’s activities cover reading and discussion sessions, guest lectures, seminars, teaching, conferences and workshops. We also regularly submit proposals for external funding and have become successful in attracting foreign scholars and guest researchers, including 3 Marie Curie – Fellowships.


  • The historicity of concepts and ideas, including those of philosophy and literature themselves
  • Linguistically mediated yet non-propositional forms of knowledge
  • The figurality of thought: metaphor, style, genre
  • Manuscripts, book history and editorial practices of European thought: the role of critical philology and bibliography for the European Republic of Letters
  • The Enlightenment as a literary critique of philosophy and philosophical critique of literature
  • Literary-philosophical constellations: institutions, conventions, media (including the culture of intellectual correspondences across Europe)
  • The role of women in intellectual history
  • The contribution of the Republic of Letters to Europe’s cultural memory
  • Critical topology
  • The transformations of Ancient philosophy and poetry in modern thought and literature
  • Linguistic diversity of thinking and writing
  • European thought and global history: colonialism and beyond





Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Katrine Helene Associate Professor   E-mail
Arndal, Martin Fog Lantz PhD Fellow +4535333901 E-mail
Benne, Christian Professor +4535330085 E-mail
Dahl, Christian Associate Professor +4535329269 E-mail
Ebbersmeyer, Sabrina Associate Professor +4535328861 E-mail
Hoffmann, Birthe Associate Professor +4535328176 E-mail
Hron, Irina Associate Professor +4535325961 E-mail
Jensen, Julio Hans C. Associate Professor +4535328455 E-mail
Lupton, Tina Jane Professor +4593509415 E-mail
Nexø, Tue Andersen Associate Professor +4535321268 E-mail
Olsen, Niklas Professor +4551299676 E-mail
Possen, David Part-time Lecturer +4535328100 E-mail
Rosiek, Jan Professor +4535328349 E-mail
Sandberg, Anna Lena Associate Professor +4535328156 E-mail