Charles Lock

Charles Lock


Primary fields of research

 My interests are extensive, ranging across all parts of the English-writing world, and beyond, to art history, comparative literature, literary theory and book history. I regularly teach courses on Shakepseare, Jane Austen, Chaucer and other canonical English writers. When possible I teach courses on recent and contemporary experimental poetry; one course, on ‘Rotten English’, is based on a long engagement with the work of the Nigerian author Ken Saro-Wiwa. Many of my recent publications have been on modern and contemporary poetry, from Thomas Hardy and Gerard Manley Hopkins to Derek Walcott, Roy Fisher, Geoffrey Hill and Anne Blonstein. I have a continuing involvement in literary theory, with publications on M.M. Bakhtin and Roman Jakobson, and in book history with a particular interest in punctuation, layout, scripts, and the iconic properties of text.  My doctoral dissertation at Oxford was devoted to John Cowper Powys; from 1990 to 2010 I was Contributing Editor to the Powys Journal, and since 2010 I have been its Editor.


Office hours: Mondays 14-15

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