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Lars Behnke

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    I am a teacher in both linguistics and in practical German. As a linguist I am mostly interested in the dynamics of language, i.e. how it changes over time or in space and how it is modified when learned. I began my linguistic education in Slavic languages (Polish and Russian) and shifted focus towards German more recently, which is why I still have a typological or contrastive (incl. Danish) view on it in my teaching. 

    As a teacher of practical German I have taught on all levels from complete beginners to advanced students, both in (linguistically) homogeneous and in mixed classes and I completed my teacher training with a degree in German as a Foreign Language. Many think that my language is "difficult" to learn and I like to find easy ways to enable students to become more competent speakers. My linguistic background helps me to do that, and my approach is functional and communicative.

    I also work as a researcher and my main current research interests are

    1. common features of language and dialect contact in different contact areas between closely related language varieties
    2. relation between sound and word in second language acquisition

    Office hours:

    12/09: 17-18

    03/10: 17-18

    10/10: 17-18

    14/11: 17-18


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