Qurʾanic studies in al-Andalus: An overview of the state of research on qirāʾāt and tafsīr: An overview of the state of research on qirāʾāt and tafsīr

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  • Adday Hernandez-Lopez
In this paper I aim to offer a review on the extant studies dealing with qiraʾāt (Qurʾanic readings) and tafsīr in al-Andalus, and fill the gap of certain aspects of the research on Qurʾanic exegesis. From the last decade, Humanities research is immersed in the use of new technologies and different types of electronic resources have been recently created within the field of Islamic studies. As a result, we have at our disposal new tools that allow us managing a larger amount of data and use different methodologies. In this case, the information retrieved from the HATA catalogue will be employed to ascertain the unattended areas and the unedited works, and it will be also useful to study the transmission of the exegetical knowledge in the Islamic world. The pilgrimage and studies trip has always been the main connection between al-Andalus and the Islamic East and after it, some Andalusī scholars settled in the East. As it will be shown, this medieval link still has consequences in the current Islamic society, since it propitiated that their works were preserved and, thus, renowned in the contemporary Islamic world. Therefore, not only the most famous tafāsir titles and authors within the Andalusī literary tradition will be examined in this contribution, but also the Andalusī works spread in the East and vice versa.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Qur'anic Studies
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 2017
EventMiradas cruzadas sobre el Corán en al-Andalus y el Magreb - Casa de Velázquez, Madrid, Spain
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ConferenceMiradas cruzadas sobre el Corán en al-Andalus y el Magreb
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