Symbolic Identity and the Cultural Memory of Saints

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This interdisciplinary volume examines the relationship between medieval cults of saints and regional and national identity formation in Europe both during and, to some extent, beyond, the Middle Ages. It studies how collective identities have been expressed through saints’ cults and their appropriations in texts, visual representations, and music. Attention is further given to various aspects of the role of medieval saints’ cults in European identity formation, as saints were used in the service of both religious and political agendas. Focusing on a range of European regions, the volume uses cults of medieval saints and their religious, cultural and political appropriations over time as a vehicle for studying changing cultural and social values.
The articles here report research carried out under the European Science Foundation's collaborative EuroCORECODE project Symbols that Bind and Break Communities: Saints' Cults as Stimuli and Expressions of Local, Regional, National and Universalist Identities (2010-2013/14), an international, interdisciplinary research venture funded by the National Research Councils of five countries: Austria, Denmark, estonia, Hungary, and Norway.
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Place of PublicationNewcastle upon Tyne
PublisherCambridge Scholars Publishing
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Publication statusPublished - 2018

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