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Justin David Edwards

Justin David Edwards

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    Justin D. Edwards is Professor in the Division of Literature and Languages at University of Stirling, Scotland. Previously Chair of English at the University of Surrey and Professor and Head of English at Bangor University, he was elected by-fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge in 2005. Edwards received an M.A and Ph.D. in English from the University of Montreal, where he completed his doctoral dissertation on 19th- and early 20th-century U.S. travel writing. Between 1995 and 2005, he taught at the University of Montreal and the University of Copenhagen where he was appointed as an associate professor in 2002. In 2016-2017 he was a Fulbright scholar at Elon University, North Carolina. His main research interests are Gothic literature, travel writing, US literature and postcolonial writing. His books include the following:

    • American Modernism Across the Arts (1999) (Edited with Jay Bochner)
    • Exotic Journeys: Exploring the Erotics of U.S. Travel Literature, 1840-1930 (2001)
    • Gothic Passages: Racial Ambiguity and the American Gothic (2003)
    • Downtown Canada: Writing Canadian Cities (2005) (edited with Douglas Ivison)
    • Gothic Canada: Reading the Spectre of a National Literature (2005)
    • Other Routes: 1500 Years of Travel Writing by Asians and Africans (2006) (edited with Tabish Khair, Martin Leer, Hanna Ziadeh)
    • Postcolonial Travel Writing: Critical Explorations (2012) (Edited with Rune Graulund)
    • Mobility at Large: Globalization, Textuality and Innovative Travel Writing (2012) (Co-authored with Rune Graulund)
    • Gothic in Contemporary Literature and Popular Culture: Pop Goth (2012) (Edited with Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet)
    • Grotesque (2013) (New Critical Idiom, co-authored with Rune Graulund)
    • Technologies of the Gothic in Literature and Culture: Technogothics (2015) (Edited volume)
    • Tropical Gothic in Literature and Culture: The Americas. (2016). (Edited with Sandra G. T. Vasconcelos)

    ID: 166350048