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Christian Damm Pedersen

Christian Damm Pedersen

Research Assistant

I am a historian of Britain and the British Empire. I have previously been a visiting researcher at the British Institute in Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, a visiting scholar at the Oxford Centre for Global History, University of Oxford, and a research assistant in the Department of History, University of Southern Denmark.

My research interests lie in modern British history and the comparative history of empires with a particular emphasis on African contexts, which I combine with an interest in world history. I also have a broader interest in the history of rights and the development of citizenship in imperial contexts, historiography, political ideas, as well as the memory of empire and imperial violence.

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The Break-Up of 'Greater Britain': The Global Origins of the Crisis of Britishness (Graduate)

The British Empire Through British Eyes 1880-2000 (Undergraduate)

The Making of the English-Speaking World (Undergraduate)

Memories of Empire (Graduate)

Primary fields of research


  • British history
  • African history
  • Imperial history
  • Global History
  • History of rights
  • History of citizenship
  • Violence and memory
  • Political and civic communities
  • Denmark's imperial past

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