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Petra Daryai-Hansen

Petra Daryai-Hansen

Associate Professor

Petra Daryai-Hansen graduated from Freie Universität Berlin in German and French Philology. In 2010, she received her ph.d. from Roskilde University with a thesis on language hierarchies in the German and Danish language policy discourse. From 2012 to 2015, she has been Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at the Department of Culture and Identity, Roskilde University. Since 2015, she has held an Associate Professorship position at the Department of English, German and Romance Studies, University of Copenhagen and the University College Copenhagen. 

Since 2009, she has been involved in several Danish and international collaboration research projects: She has coordinated the project "Developing the Language Awareness Approach in the Nordic and Baltic Countries” (DELA-NOBA) and she has been a team member of the INTERREG projects “Den mentale bro” (”The mental bridge”) and “BeltScience”, focusing on language skills and intercultural competences in the Danish-German Fehmarn Belt region. She has been part of an international project on intercultural citizenship in the language classroom, coordinated by Michael Byram, and projects on the internationalisation of Danish Primary and Secondary Education, financed by the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Ministry of Education. From 2013 to 2014, she has been project leader of the French, German and Spanish Language Profiles, which are part of Roskilde University’s plurilingual internationalisation strategy. From 2015 to 2016, she has been part of the team working with The Language Strategy - more languages for more students, University of Copenhagen. 

Recently, Petra Daryai-Hansen coordinates the Nordplus Horizontal project Developing Early Foreign Language Learning and Teaching in the Nordic/Baltic Context and the project Tidligere sprogstart - ny begynderdidaktik med fokus på flersprogethed, financed by A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine McKinney Møllers Fond til Almene Formaal. Furthermore, she is part of the project Teacher Well-Being and Diversity: Managing language and social diversity in classrooms (Erasmus+) and a team member of the FREPA project, supported by the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe, which promotes the development of plurilingual and intercultural competences in teaching/learning at all levels. 

Her main research areas are: internationalisation of education, intercultural education, plurilingual education, CLIL, early foreign language learning, language policies, language ideologies and sociolinguistics, with a special focus on German. 

At the Faculty of Humanities Petra Daryai-Hansen's research is used as an example of the impact the humanities researchers have on society. Read the case: Building bridges between languages.

Some key publications:

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Daryai-Hansen, Petra & Jaeger, Catherine (2015). “The FREPA Descriptors – an Operationalisation to Deepen and Complement Byram’s and Deardorff’s Definitions of Intercultural Competence.” I: Intercultural Horizons Vol. III - Intercultural Competence: Key to the New Multicultural Societies of the Globalized World. Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 112-134.

Daryai-Hansen, P., Porto, M., Arcuri, M.E., & Schifler, K. (2016). "Green Kidz: Young Learners Engage in Intercultural Environmental Citizenship in the English Language Classroom in Argentina and Denmark". I: Michael Byram et al. (red.), Education for Intercultural Citizenship – Principles in Practice. Multilingual Matters, 131-158.

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Daryai-Hansen, Petra, Barfod, Sonja, & Hvidtfeldt, Susanne (2014). "Überwindbare Barrieren: Berufsorientierter Fremdsprachenunterricht in der Fehmarnbeltregion." I: Revista de Lenguas para Fines Especificos. Special Issue: Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) and the teaching of languages for specific purposes 19 (2013), 60-79.

Daryai-Hansen, Petra & Kraft, Kamilla (2014). "Sproglige ressourcer, praksisser og profiler: RUC som internationalt universitet". Rask (2014), 79-101.

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Candelier, Michel, Daryai-Hansen, Petra & Schröder-Sura, Anna (2012). ”The Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches to Languages and Cultures: A Complement to the CEFR to Develop Plurilingual and Intercultural Competence.” Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching 3 (2012), 243-257.

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