Petra Daryai-Hansen

Petra Daryai-Hansen

Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

Petra Daryai-Hansen is associate professor and coordinator of cross disciplinary courses and degrees at the Department of English, German and Romance Studies, University of Copenhagen. 

Her main research area is foreign language education with specific focus on plurilingual education, Content and Language Integrated Learning, intercultural education and teacher/student cognition.

Since 2009, she has been involved in several Danish and international collaboration research projects, e.g. the projects Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches to Languages and Cultures (European Centre for Modern Languages, Council of Europe), Elevernes internationale kompetencer i de gymnasiale uddannelser (Danish Ministry of Education), Sprogprofilerne i fransk, spansk og tysk (Roskilde University), Den sprogstrategiske satsning - flere sprog til flere studerende (University of Copenhagen), Developing teacher competences for pluralistic approaches (European Centre for Modern Languages, Council of Europe), Education for plurilingualism: Metalinguistic awareness in early instructed language learning (National Research Foundation Norway) and INTERREG projects focusing on language skills and intercultural competences in the Danish-German Fehmarn Belt region Den Mentale bro, Belt SciencekultKIT and KursKultur.

In a Danish and Nordic/Baltic context she has been coordinating the projects

The next three years she will be coordinating two projects: 

In 2021, she has coordinated the "Digital series of talks on plurilingualism and interculturality". Furthermore, she has been a member of the Councl of Europe's Working Group for preparing a Draft Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers on the contribution of plurilingual education to democracy.

At the Faculty of Humanities Petra Daryai-Hansen's research is used as an example of the impact the humanities researchers have on society. Read the case: Building bridges between languages.

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Foreign language education, IKM, sociolinguistics

Weekly meeting time: Tuesday, 15:00-16:00


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