Lamia Moghnie

Lamia Moghnie


I am a medical anthropologist and a mental health practitioner. My research broadly looks at the interplay and impact of psychiatry on social understandings of self and illness in postcolonial and post-conflict societies of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)/South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA). I am particularly interested in grounding the relationship between psychiatry and subject formation in the context of global organisation and standardisation of mental health and its diagnostics, on the one hand, and in analysing patient subjectivities, agencies and narratives on the other.

I received my PhD in Social Work and Anthropology from the university of Michigan in 2016. I also hold an MSW (2011), an MA in psychology (with clinical specialisation) from the American University of Beirut (2009), and an MA in the Social Sciences from the university of Chicago (2006). 

In addition to my position with DECOLMAD, I am a founding member of “Ethnography and Knowledge in the Arab region”, a working group under the Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS) engaged in a collaboration exploration of critical ethnographic knowledge in/from/about the Arab region 


Jeg er medicinsk antropolog og behandler inden for psykisk sundhed. Min forskning undersøger bredt set psykiatriens samspil med og indvirkning på den sociale forståelse af selvet og sygdom i postkoloniale og postkonfliktsamfund i Mellemøsten og Nordafrika (MENA) samt Sydvestasien og Nordafrika (SWANA). Jeg er særligt interesseret i på den ene side at begrunde forholdet mellem psykiatri og subjektdannelse i forbindelse med den globale organisering og standardisering af mental sundhed og diagnosticering, og på den anden side at analysere patienters subjektivitet, handleevne og fortællinger.
Jeg færdiggjorde min ph.d. i Social Work and Anthropology ved University of Michigan i 2016. Jeg har derudover kandidatgrader i Social Work (2011), psykologi (med klinisk specialisering) fra American University of Beirut (2009) og Social Sciences fra University of Chicago (2006).
Ud over min stilling hos DECOLMAD er jeg stiftende medlem af "Ethnography and Knowledge in the Arab region", en arbejdsgruppe under Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS), der udforsker kritisk etnografisk viden i/fra/om den arabiske region


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