Birgit Henriksen

Birgit Henriksen

Professor Emerita

Primary fields of research

  • Foreign and second language acquisition and language pedagog wy
  • Vocabulary acquisition
  • English medium instruction in tertiary education
  • Teacher cognition and teaching practices

Current research

  • Working on a research project about the use of general, academic and domain specific collocations by Danish university teachers who are lecturing in English. In collaboration with Pete Westbrook, CIP, The University of English, Germanic and Romance Studies.
  • Working on a research project about responsepatterns i word ordassociation data in English and Danish, in collaboration with Tess Fitzpatrick, University of Cardiff
  • Working on a research project about teacher cognitions in relation to glossing of texts used in English anguage teaching in secondary education, in collaboration with Bianca Sauer, Unviersity of London
  • Working on a Nordic research project about  the development of academic wordlists in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian
  • Working on a book about adoptive children's language development


At the Faculty of Humanities my research is used as an example of the impact the humanities researchers have on society.
Read the case: Applying research into language didactics in services provided to public-sector bodies and in the training of language teachers.


Foreign and second language acqusition and language pedagogy. Courses in: 

  • vocabulary acquisition and teaching
  • communicative language teaching and classroom interaction
  • teacher cognition
  • crosscultural pragmatics, politeness and language learning and teaching

Fields of interest

Foreign and second language pedagogy, language acquisition, vocabulary knowledge and use, communicative tasks, teaching materials, classroom interaction, crosscultural pragmatics, politeness, speech acts, discourse and gambits, communication strategies, inferencing strategies, learning processes, communication processses, oral language use, teacher cognition, learner variable, empirical research and research methods, quantitative and qualitative methods, language tolerance, the mental lexicon, lexical phrases, collocations, curriculum and teaching methodology,language testing, adoptive children's language development, the international university, language use and language competence at university level

ID: 7673