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Lisbeth Verstraete-Hansen

Lisbeth Verstraete-Hansen

Associate Professor

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    After my PhD thesis on literary commitment in post-war francophone Belgium - Littérature et engagements en Belgique francophone : tendances littéraires progressistes 1945-1972 (Bruxelles, PIE Peter Lang, 2006), I have worked on topics and theoretical issues related to transnational dynamics in the French-speaking world's literature and intellectual life (eg. Une francophonie plurielle : langues, cultures et identités en mouvement, Copenhague, Museum Tusculanum Press, 2009, ed. with Lise Toft) and Écrire le monde en langue française (Presses Universitaires de Vincennes, 2017, ed. with Mads Anders Baggesgaard).

    The considerations on the societal role of language and literature at the core of francophone studies have led to another field of interest: the societal relevance and organization of modern foreign language studies. On these topics I have written several articles and two scientific reports: the first on the Danish international companies' use of languages other than English and the second (with Mette Skovgaard Andersen) on the way Danish government departments manage foreign languages.

    Recently I published (with Per Øhrgaard the debate book Sprogløse verdensborgere. Om en uddannelsespolitik, der forsvandt, [ Language-less world citizens. On educational policy that disappeared], DJØF Forlaget ,2017.

    Primary fields of research

    French-language literature – Literary history – Sociology of Literature - Methodological and theoretical aspects of literary history – Transnational approaches to literary history - Literary canonization - Cultural transfer – Francophonie – Literature and identity in multilingual societies.

    Fields of interest

    Language and educational policy - Organization and social relevance of modern language studies ​​– Teaching Literature – Translation theory

    Current research

    The "transnational turn" in the writing of literary history in the French-speaking world


    French and Francophone literature and literary history – Francophonie as an historical, political and institutional phenomenon – Culture and Society – Literature and globalization - Intercultural relations (eg. French-Danish, reception of French-language literature in Denmark) - Translation.

    ID: 129677170