Media Leaks and Corruption in Brazil

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Mads Damgaard

Analyzing the political consequences of the most extensive corruption investigation in recent Latin American history, Operação Lava-Jato, Media Leaks and Corruption in Brazil answers two central questions about the contradictory effects news media has on political systems. First, how can political actors in a seemingly well-functioning democracy quickly override checks-and-balances, and replace a Head of State with a corrupt Vice-President? Second, how can very active news media, while ostensibly performing the role of the watchdog, still fail to deliver media accountability to the public?
Combining a quantitative view of the media sphere with case studies of the leaks, legal actions and alliances forming and breaking in the Brazilian Congress, Mads Bjelke Damgaard demonstrates that the media’s attention to leaks and investigations of corruption paved the way for Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment. By timing the disclosure of information in scandals, actors with inside information were able to drive the media agenda and let some scandals escape from the limelight. The book delivers an in-depth study of how scandals become political weapons in a time of media personalities and post-politics.
Udgivelses stedLondon
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ISBN (Trykt)9781138485488
StatusUdgivet - 2018
NavnRoutledge Advances in Internationalising Media Studies series

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