‘Life Writing’. Workshop with Professor David Walker

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Australian Studies

Friday, 19 March: kl. 13-17, room 24.2.62

David Walker presents and discusses his auto-ethnography on sight, memory, history and family. Dr Martin Leer (University of Geneva) will respond with a discussion of life writing in context.

Moderator: Bruce Clunies Ross.

The experience of losing his sight led David Walker to the memoir sequence which forms his latest book. In it he recovers the attributes of the world in which he grew up, developed the outlook which informs his style, and became an historian. Martin Leer's response will discuss David Walker's work in the context of recent similar writings, such as the memoirs of Tony Judt being published in the New York Review of Books, and Tales of the Shopocracy by John Barnie (a former member of the English faculty in Copenhagen).

Selected chapters of David Walker's book are available in PDF format below.

Chpt 1  Chtp 7  Chpt 15  Chpt 18