Georges Bernard Shaw and Musical Chairs

An EVENT and an ENTERTAINMENT with Christopher Innes & Brigitte Bogar:

George Bernard Shaw and Musical Chairs: the Language of Expression

A lecture and a performance in which words -- spoken and sung -- will be considered in their dramatic, phonetic, expressive and accented powers, through a consideration of the work of George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), whose plays include Pygmalion, also known as My Fair Lady, perhaps the most celebrated of all treatments of accents, 'educated speech' and Received Pronunciation. One of the most distinguished and provocative of music critics of his age, Shaw was also famous for his attempts at spelling reform and other extreme views.

Christopher Innes holds the Canada Research Chair in Performance and Culture at York University, Toronto, and is the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Copenhagen. The author of twelve books on modern drama, he is the general editor of the Cambridge series 'Directors in Perspective'.

Brigitte Bogar, a graduate of the University of Copenhagen in Music and Theatre Studies, sings, performs and teaches in North America; her various roles in opera and musicals have been much applauded by the critics.