Screening Shakti: an Iconographic Reading of Bollywood Film

PhD research seminar, Wednesday 9 December, 11-1, room 24.3.62. Followed by PhD discussion session/social event, 2-3.30, room 24.3.62.

On Wednesday 9 December, Engerom PhD student Robert Rintoull will present a paper entitled "Screening Shakti: an Iconographic Reading of Bollywood Film." Robert's abstract of the paper is included below. The seminar will take place in room 24.3.62, and will run from 11am until 1pm.

Following Robert's seminar, there will be an informal PhD discussion session/social event. A selection of the department's other PhD students--Jessica Ortner, Jesper Kruse, Søren Balslev, and Lene Baggesgaard--will speak briefly about their own research projects. These brief presentations will be followed by a general informal discussion about the issues that these particular PhD students are dealing with in their respective projects, and about the possibilities and perils of PhD study more generally. This part of the event will also take place in 24.3.62, between 2pm and approximately 3.30pm.

Robert Rintoull's abstract:

The presentation will be a short description of the planned thesis, reading Bollywood from a West-Asian cultural, religious and socio-political discourse, rather than from a Western academic perspective. In this way it will focus on the Hindu (and Moslem) cultural specific elements in Hindi cinema- such as the Hindu phenomenon of darshan, dharma, rasa, and the sant and mythological film genres. In the Moslem area I will discuss the Urdu Parsee influence and the presence of Sufiism in Bollywood film. I will also discuss historical elements of traditional Indian society, such as the village system, and Hindu-Moslem issues and lastly, I will look at the Indian globalisation phenomenon and how the presence of a rapidly growing West Asian diaspora is contributing to the increased popularity of Indian culture and Bollywood film in the West; especially in countries where this large diaspora has become a cultural, political and economic force, such as in the UK,US, Canada etc.