Conference - Voices in Translation

Conference titel: Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation
Invited speakers: Michelle Woods (New Paltz) & Siri Nergaard (Firenze)

It is not only translators who are involved in translation. This symposium “Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation” seeks to explore the role of other agents – authors, publishers, editors – in the work of translation. Translators will sometimes receive “translation briefs” from authors either offering to assist with, or seeking to interfere in the process of translation. Publishing houses have considerable power in selecting translators and in obliging both parties – authors as well as translators – to acquiesce in their decisions.

This conference aims to address some of the following questions: What are the ways and protocols by which authors and editors communicate their suggestions and demands regarding the text to be translated? How have these developed? Are these practices now global, or are there different arrangements and expectations within and between various languages? Do traces of authorial and editorial interventions survive in the translation, to be identified by alert readers? Does our recognition of these interventions change our conception of the translated text, the act of translation and the role of the translator.

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