Inaugural Conference for The Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies

The conference is arranged by The Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies (NNRS) and The Forum for Renaissance Studies in collaboration with The Centre for Neoplatonic Virtue Ethics (CNVE) at the University of Copenhagen.

The NNRS is an informal group of Renaissance scholars from all five Nordic countries and from a broad variety of disciplines. The aim of the NNRS is to be a meeting point for the exchange of ideas and information on Renaissance Studies among Nordic scholars and research students. The NNRS now has more than a hundred and fifty members and welcomes more.

The NNRS-conference offers a programme of more than 70 papers from a broad variety of disciplines, and a prominent list of Renaissance scholars. Key-note speakers Michael J. B. Allen, Christopher Celenza, Anna Corrias and Leo Catana are kindly invited by the CNVE.

The conference is open for everyone with an interest in Renaissance studies.

There is no conference-fee, but all delegates will have to register.

For registration of conference attendance without a paper at the NNRS-conference, please write to Peter Zeeberg pz@dsl.dk

For other questions, don’t hesitate to contact Unn Irene Aasdalen, Aasdalen@gmail.com