Lecture with Daniel Sipe

Paratexts and Palimpsests, with visiting professor Daniel Sipe, arranged by Boris Wiseman and Charles Lock.

Broadly defined, paratexts are the various discourses produced on, in, about, around, or in relation to a central text. These might include prefaces, illustrations, prolegomena, forewords, marginal notes, didascalia, and other accompanying paraphernalia. Famously described by Gérard Genette as ‘seuils’ or thresholds, these framing elements are of interest because they can tell us something about the ways that the reader is conditioned or prepared to receive a text.
Nb. : The symposium will be in English.


14.15 Jørn Boisen (University of Copenhagen): ‘Against misunderstanding - in vain: Milan Kundera commenting on Milan Kundera’.

15.00 Katrine Andersen (University of Copenhagen): ‘Announcement of a genre -paratextual reflections on Spanish literature’.

15.45 Coffee

16.15 Daniel Sipe (Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Missouri): ‘Parody and Paratext in J.J. Grandville’s Un autre monde (1844)’