Research seminar: Latin America at its borders

Research seminar at the Center for the Study of the Americas - CBS, Copenhagen (in English and Spanish)

Latin America at its borders: legality, illegality and transgression/new ways of thinking and acting.



Welcome and general introduction by Julia Suárez Krabbe, RUC; Anne Marie Jeppesen, CLAS, KU.; and Jan Gustafsson, CSA, CBS.
9:30-10:30 Key note: Nicholas De Genova, University of London: The Perplexities of Mobility Comments and questions: Lars Trans, University of Copenhagen
10:45-12:15 Migration and (il)legality:
Raúl Marroquín, CLAS, KU: Central American undocumented immigration in Mexico
Priscilla Solano, University of Lund: Migration and human rights Lars Trans, University of Copenhagen: Oaxacan immigrants in California Comments and questions: Helene Balslev Clausen or Mario Velázquez, Colegio de Sonora, Anne Marie Jeppesen, CLAS, KU
13:00-13.30 Development and (il)legality :Julia Suárez Krabbe, Roskilde University: Los derechos de la naturaleza y la ecología de saberes (in Spanish)Comments and questions: Andrea Nardi, CLAS, KU
13:30-14:30 Cuba – transnationalism and (il)legalityNadine Fernández, SUNY Empire State College/ University of Copenhagen: Cuban immigrants   in DenmarkRosalba Cazón, Copenhagen Business School: The informal sector in the Cuban economic transition processComments and questions: Jan Gustafsson
14:45-16:15 Mexico, drugs and violence (in Spanish):Key note: Diego Osorno, Mexico: El cártel de Sinaloa: Una historia del uso político del narco
Helene Balslev Clausen and Mario Velázquez, Colegio de Sonora: The ’narco culture’
16:15-16:45 Closure: general discussion and future perspectives