The British in Nineteenth-century Mexico: Informal imperialists, Neo-Colonials, or State-Builders?

Guest lecture by Paul Garner, Professor of Spanish Studies, University of Leeds

We are very pleased to announce that this semester's guest speaker at the Symposium will be one of our colleagues from the University of Leeds, Paul Garner. Paul Garner is a renowned authority on the history of Mexico whose publications include a major biography of Porfirio Díaz, the ruler of Mexico from 1876 to 1911, and a study of Mexican-British relations.

For the Symposium, Professor Garner has offered to address the problem of the Colonial both directly and indirectly, under the title:

"The British in Nineteenth-century Mexico: Informal Imperialists, Neo-colonials or State-builders?"

The symposium will begin at 13.15 in lok. 23.4.39, and you are most welcome to participate, to bring interested colleagues and students, and to forward this invitation. Refreshments will of course be served.



The Institute of English, Germanic and Romance Studies invites you to participate in the continuing series of symposia on the theme of 'The Colonial'. The purpose of this symposium is both to bring together scholars working in similar or adjacent fields who might be institutionally separated, and to explore the ways in which a topic such as 'the colonial' might be relevant to scholars in diverse fields.

The symposium will be held throughout the semester from kl. 13 to kl. 16 on the last Wednesday of every month, from February to May. (The March symposium will be held on 24 March, as 31 March is in Easter Week.)

Place 23.4.39 Time: kl. 13-16

The language of the symposium will be English: all are warmly encouraged to participate, not least visiting professors and international students.

Refreshments will be served in the break between the paper and the discussion.

ENGEROM SYMPOSIUM Spring Semester 2010 Programme:

Wednesday 24 February Stuart Ward:

The Consolations of Colonial Collapse: Remaking Europe in the wake of Empire

(On the declining empires of Britain, France and Portugal)

Wednesday 24 March - Guest speaker - Paul Garner (University of Leeds):

The British in Nineteenth-century Mexico: Informal imperialists, Neo-Colonials, or State-Builders?

Wednesday 28 April Peter Leese:

Darkest London: Beatrice Webb and the "Inner Colonial"

(On Beatrice Webb's exploration in 1898 of unknown parts of London)

Wednesday 26 May Detlef Siegfried:

Colonial Profits, Colonial Morality: European Companies in South Africa, 1970-1990