CANCELLED: Transcultural Representations: An ENGEROM Colloquium/PhD Workshop

Dept. of English, Germanic and Romance Studies, University of Copenhagen

Friday 7 May 2010, kl. 13-18

Lokale: 24.4.01

The aim of this colloquium is to investigate some of the leading concepts of literary studies today, among them the transcultural, the transnational, migration literature and globalized literature. These concepts themselves have diverse trajectories, the globalized and the transnational having emerged out of anglophone literary studies, in search of a term more adequate to present conditions than the postcolonial; migrationsliteratur is a term used to account for a different sort of writing in German, where the colonial past of the German-speaking nations had not produced much that could be identified as postcolonial literature, but whose immigration policies have clearly changed the shape of contemporary literature in German.

For this occasion we bring together a renowned Indian literary theorist and two scholars of German literature.

Ranjan Ghosh, currently Guest Professor at the Peter Szondi Institute of Comparative Literature, Freie Universität, Berlin, and Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, has contested the various concepts and labels that have followed the postcolonial, and has refused to give up on the idea that theory is indispensable. He is the author of numerous works on diverse topics, all of them advocating a non-traditional approach to literary understanding. The most substantial and influential of these is (In)fusion Approach: Theory, Contestation, Limits (2006). Among his recent books are (co-edited, with Antonia Navarro Tejero) Globalizing Dissent: Essays on Arundhati Roy (Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2007); Edward Said and the Literary, Social, and Political World (New York: Routledge, 2008) and Lover's Quarrel with the Past: Romance, Representation, Reading (Oxford: Berghahn, forthcoming).

Moritz Schramm is lecturer in German at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense. A specialist in contemporary German literature, with a particular interest in Ilija Trojanow, he is a prolific reviewer and frequent commentator on cultural issues in Germany and Denmark.

Romana Stoubaek is currently working at the University of Tübingen on migration literature in Scandinavia; she is also an authority on the work of Herta Müller.

This colloquium aims to bring about an intellectual and theoretical encounter in which the transnational is both enacted and contested, and in which the terms of debate may be exposed as having validity in one literary context but not another, or as having quite different senses and implications in diverse contexts.

The event will conclude with a reception to mark the launch of a volume on migration literature edited by two of our colleagues at ENGEROM, and to acknowledge the achievement of Herta Müller in winning the Nobel Prize in 2009.

13.15 Charles Lock: Introductory Words
13.30 Ranjan Ghosh (Berlin): "Transcultural Poetics: (In)fusion and the Other"
14.30 Romana Stoubaek (Tübingen): "Herta Müller and the Transcultural Condition"
15.15 Pause
15.45 Moritz Schramm (Odense): "Transcultural identities: Iliya Troyanov's The Collector of Worlds"
16.30 Panel Discussion
17.30 Birthe Hoffmann: Closing words


We will celebrate the publication of a book edited by our colleagues Mirjam Gebauer and Pia Schwarz Lausten: Migration and Literature in Contemporary Europe (München: Martin Meidenbauer 2010). This volume contains selected papers from a pioneering conference on migration literature in Europe, held at the University of Copenhagen in 2008.


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