Gæsteforelæsning ved Brent Wolter

Professor Brent Wolter fra Idaho University gæster Institut for Engelsk, Germansk og Romansk. I den anledning afholder han en offentlig forelæsning om emnet:

L2 collocational processing: a case of dual activation?


Recent research investigating the processing of L2 collocations has indicated that L1 knowledge may exert a considerable influence (e.g. Wolter & Gyllstad, 2011; Wolter & Gyllstad, in press, Yamashita & Jiang, 2010). The exact nature of this influence, however, remains poorly understood. This presentation will discuss a recent study that explores the possibility of parallel activation of L1 collocational patterns when processing collocations in an L2, and whether or not this activation is linked to L2 proficiency. More specifically, two groups of English L2 learners (L1 Japanese) at different levels of proficiency and a control group of L1 English speakers were presented with three types of items on a lexical decision task: 1) English translations of Japanese collocations that had no congruent form in English (Japanese-only collocations), 2) English collocations that had no congruent form in Japanese (English-only collocations), and 3) non-collocational baseline items. Furthermore, the items consisted of a balanced number of adjective-noun and verb-(object) noun collocations. The results indicated little evidence of parallel activation amongst either L1 Japanese group. Furthermore, the English-only collocations were not recognized significantly more quickly than the baseline items, further adding to the evidence that incongruent collocations are not easily acquired by L2 speakers. Perhaps the most interesting finding, however, emerged from the control (L1 English) group. Unexpectedly, this group demonstrated significantly faster response times over the baseline items not only to the adjective-noun and verb-noun English collocations, but also to the Japanese verb-noun collocations. Some possible implications of this (and the other findings) will be discussed during the presentation.


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  • Wolter, B. & Gyllstad, H. (2011). Collocational links in the L2 mental lexicon and the influence of L1 intralexical knowledge. Applied Linguistics, 32(4), 430-449.
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