Guest lecture by Anna Hersey at CIP

Danish IPA Transcription for Classical Singers

The classical song repertoire of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark is rarely heard in performance outside of Scandinavia, in large part due to a lack of familiarity with the continental Scandinavian languages. North American conservatories and schools of music include comprehensive "lyric diction" curricula, in which singers and pianists become proficient in the use of the IPA to transcribe song texts in English, German, Italian, and French. With the proper guidance and information, singers can apply these skills to texts in Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish, enabling them to study and perform Scandinavian song repertoire. This lecture will present ongoing research on the development of IPA transcription methods of Danish for classical singers.

Dr. Hersey’s article on Swedish diction, the first in a series on Scandinavian diction and repertoire, was recently published in the Journal of Singing; two additional installments are forthcoming. Her first book, Scandinavian Art Song: A Guide to Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish Diction (co-authored by Donald Simonson), has been accepted for publication by Scarecrow Press next year.
This past summer, Dr. Hersey conducted research at Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium (Royal Danish Academy of Music) and Københavns Universitet (University of Copenhagen), thanks to a post-doctoral fellowship from the American
Scandinavian Foundation.