12th EALTA Conference 2015

Conference on Policy and Practice in Language Testing and Assessment

One important use of language testing and assessment is enforcement of language policies established by governments, institutions, and different educational and cultural agencies. For instance, language tests are used, both directly and indirectly, as instruments of social policies, such as citizenship and immigration regulations, but also as part of educational policies, like accountability or educational access opportunities (e.g., college admission). Implementation of standardized and local language assessments, intended to promote and measure quality of education with regard to established national curricula or international assessment standards and frameworks, has become a common practice in many educational contexts. The use of these assessments and their impact on education and society needs critical examination.
The conference theme addresses not only the philosophical and ethical aspects of politics and policy-making in relation to language test and assessment, but also the practical concerns regarding development, validation, and administration of assessment methods and procedures as situated within the social, economic, and historical contexts. These concerns may be explored by a range of empirical, practical or theoretical approaches, projects and research methods.

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