PhD seminar with Casper Jacobsen

Across Latin America (Ph.D. seminar) with Casper Jacobsen, Ph.D. fellow, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen.

Mexico's Pueblos Mágicos: A Paratext from the Metropolis?

In the course of the 1990's, an unprecedented arena of political negotiation emerged for indigenous minorities (and majorities) within many Latin America countries, as national constitutions were reformed to accommodate notions of multiculturalism and political multiculturalist initiatives multiplied. To take the temperature of this political space, my project examines one expression of the surge of political multiculturalism; the tourism program Pueblos Mágicos launched in 2001 by Mexico's federal government. Through a focus on the participant town Cuetzalan (Puebla), I specifically aim to analyze the identity and power configurations that are produced by and in relation to the program. In the presentation, I will contextualize the project, introduce its research questions, empirical material and methodology, and outline the structure of the thesis and its preliminary argument.

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