The United Kingdom & the Future of Scotland

Secretary of State for Scotland, the Rt. Hon. Alistair Carmichael, MP

In September 2014, Scotland will make a profoundly important choice about its future: whether to remain a part of the United Kingdom or leave to become an independent state. Secretary Carmichael will make the case for why it is in Scotland’s interests to remain in the UK and how the UK delivers for Scotland at an international level.

The event will be hosted by the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies, which is currently engaged in research looking at post-imperial ideas of Britain. A key project focus is the upcoming Scotland Referendum in September 2014.

The Secretary of State for Scotland is the UK Government’s principal minister representing Scotland. He heads the Scotland Office, which represents Scottish interests within the UK Government and the UK Government in Scotland. Mr Carmichael is from Islay, one of the islands off the West Coast of Scotland and represents the Orkney and Shetland constituency at Westminster. He is Deputy Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.