Lecture by Jan-Hendrik Schulz

Social-revolutionary Terrorism in West-Germany and France after the German Autumn. The relations between the Red Army Faction (RAF), Direct Action (AD) and their Radical Milieu, 1977-1989.

After the lecture there will be a panel debate with Associate Professor Gert Sørensen and Professor Detlef Siegfried, both Engerom.

The project discusses successes and failures of mobilization during 1980's hunger strike campaigns (1981, 1984/85, 1987-89) initiated by "political" prisoners of the Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF) and Action Directe (AD) in West-Germany and France. The main interest is to comprehend certain socio-political conflict lines between the feuding hunger strikers and their political opponents, the accountable agencies of the state. Therefore, the study provides an analytical focus on communication processes between the "political" prisoners and their immediate socio-political environment, the radical milieu, as well as further imagined and actual reference groups in their respective societies. The thesis, eventually, offers an alternative socio-historical approach to explain the continuity of the phenomenon of social-revolutionary terrorism in Western Europe after the fatal events of the "German Autumn" in 1977.

Jan-Hendrik Schulz is PhD fellow at the European University Institute in Firenze.

This is an Engerom focus event within the research platform Global Europe. Afterwards, the Department offers a glass of wine.

Vorlesungen Frühjahr/Sommer 2014