Violence and the Global Historical Event

Amritsar, Sharpeville, The Congo Crisis

With Dr Kim Wagner (London), Professor Saul Dubow (London) and PhD fellow Christian Damm Pedersen (Engerom).

Please join for us for a discussion on the meaning and significance of violence through the prism of global historical events.

Kim Wagner is Senior Lecturer in British Imperial History. He has published extensively on banditry and rebellion in colonial India, among many other issues. He is currently researching the Amritsar Massacre and the crisis of empire in 1919. His most recent monograph is The Great Fear of 1857: Rumours, Conspiracies and the Making of the Indian Uprising (Oxford, 2010).

Saul Dubow is Professor of African History. His research concentrates on the history of modern South African from the early-nineteenth century to the present. He recently published a monograph on Apartheid 1948-1994 (Oxford, 2014).

Christian Damm Pedersen is PhD Fellow in History. His work focuses on the interconnected histories of Kenya, Rhodesia, South Africa and Britain, and examines the fate of 'Greater Britain' within the context of African decolonisation and global imperial decline.

This is an Engerom focus event within the research platform Global Europe.