Lecture by Christoph Bode

Byron's Dis-Orientations: A Reading of The Giaour

The talk will focus on Byron’s notorious interest in Orientalism – the fantasy and imagination of the East. Taking The Giaour (1813) as a pertinent example, Bode will argue that the text perpetually undercuts any easy binary oppositions between East and West. In fact, Byron plays a dis-orientation game that disturbs usual preconceived ideas about empire and race. The poem was a huge success in its day. Giaour is an offensive Turkish word for infidel or non-believer.

Christoph Bode is Chair of Modern English Literature at LMU Munich. He has published 24 books (16 monographs, 8 collections) and some 80 scholarly articles, mostly on Romanticism, narratology, critical theory, aesthetics, travel writing, and 20th-century literature. His latest monographs in English are The Novel (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011) and Future Narratives: Theory, Poetics, and Media-historical Moment (together with Rainer Dietrich, de Gruyter, 2013).