Launch of the UCPH English Alumni Association

The Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates of the 2016 Presidential Election.

You are hereby cordially invited to join us for the first ever event of the UCPH English Alumni Association. The object of the event is to gain a better, broader and multifaceted
understanding of the American presidential election and its possible effect on the media's representation of the Danish election of 2015.

To start things off Professor Joe Goddard will cover the basics and offer analysis of the main candidates in the 2016 field. Secondly, we are happy to present Political Officer Jeff Young from the US Embassy who will offer a comparative analysis of our two nation's electoral systems seen through American eyes. Finally, we are joined by postdoc Rasmus Tue Pedersen from The Department of Political Sciences who will speak on the possible Americanization of the Danish electoral debate leading up to this year's election. Hereafter the floor will be open for questions.

Best wishes
the UCPHEAA Board

The price is DKK 30 per event or DKK 75 for this event and all events in 2016.

How to join the UCPH English Alumni Association