PhD defence - Ann-Sophia Klemp McLeod

Personal Effects and Vital Matters

Property and Personhood in Eighteenth-Century Satiric Fiction

Ann-Sophie Klemp McLeod defends her PhD thesis.

Abstract (UK) & Resumé (DK) - pdf

Assessment Commitee

  • Associate Professor Tina Lupton, Chairperson (University of Copenhagen)
  • Associate Professor Lynn Festa (Rutgers University)
  • Professor Knut Ove Eliassen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Moderator of the defence

  • Professor Christian Benne  (University of Copenhagen)

Copies of the thesis are available for consultation a week prior to the defence at these locations:

  1. The Information Desk of the Library of the Faculty of Humanities
  2. Reading Room East of the Royal Library (the "Black Diamond")
  3. The Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies, Njalsgade 128.