Rethinking Cultural Memory 1700-1850

The conference is organized by The Nordic Association for Romantic Studies (NARS) and the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies. The theme is Rethinking Cultural Memory 1700-1850. The conference will take place at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Friday 4 – Saturday 5 December 2015.

The period 1700-1850 saw the birth of the modern nation state and of the concept of national/regional identities based on ethnicity, language, cultural memory, and literary heritage. The romantic and post-romantic era in Europe was a watershed when a neglected vernacular heritage was processed from one medium to another. Poetry, novels, and painting were created on the basis of old manuscript or oral traditions. At the same time, historical and antiquarian scholarship began to place new emphasis on the idea of vernacular traditions. In what sense was the collecting of ancient tradition an ‘invention’ conceived from within a romantic paradigm? How does it affect understandings of national traditions today?

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